Wine is a wonderful project, aiming at the implementation of the Win32 API under Linux and some other Unices. It has extensive debugging capabilities via its debug channels that output certain types of information at runtime. It is not fun at all, though, to dig through a logging output of several MB. In particular, when installing some program to run under Wine, you may be certain that it works flawlessly until you left the room and your (less experienced) customer starts working with it :)


What does it do?

So what this program does, basically, is running a program under a specified Wine version (or the first of possibly several it finds) and put some order into the logging output. That means

  • prefix debug information with a date and timestamp and a header containing information about program, Wine, and the environment,

  • if desired, write the information to a file on disk, following some sane naming convention for the filename, and

  • if neccessary, do output on stdout only, into a file only, or both simultaneously.



    winestart can make use of several Wine versions. It expects them to be installed under $w::wine_prefix, using /opt/wine/ as default, and following the convention that in this directory, Wine version ABC is installed under wine-ABC. That is, Wine version 20040309 (or 0.9.1) is installed in /opt/wine/wine-20040309 (or /opt/wine/wine-0.9.1 respectively), or (expressed in perl) in $w::wine_prefix/wine-$version. If you don't specify a version, the first one found will be used, and winestart will tell you which that is. It can also print all installed wine versions.

    Logging will be done inside $WINEPREFIX, usually $HOME/.wine if nothing else is specified. You may pass WINEPREFIX, WINEDEBUG, WINEDLLPATH and WINEDLLOVERRIDES using command line switches, as well as the wine version to use and the executable to run.


    For more details, please see winestart --help.



    0.2.2: Fix bug with PATH variable. Now works as expected also with latest Wine versions.

    0.2.1: Fix problem with new Wine versioning scheme. Now recognizes directories like wine-0.9.7 as valid.



    winestart is a written in Perl and does not require non-standard modules, so it should run pretty much everywhere. The program is licensed under the GNU GPL, and provided to you without any warranty, of course ;)

    winestart utility

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