This perl script accepts any mail on STDIN and takes some specified actions on all parts of type */html or text/plain. The results are then given on STDOUT.

Among its features are:

  • removal of */html - parts (if desired)

  • automatic in-core gzipping and attaching of */html - parts. (if desired)

  • automatic commenting out of tags and attaching the result as gzipped file (if desired)

  • automatic inclusion of an informational message if the mail has been altered (if desired)

  • automatic removal of a fullquote at the bottom of the message (if desired) and attaching as gzipped text


    This program is rather generic; it is not "just" a KMail filter. It could for example be used on a mailing list where HTML is not desired, or in corporate environments. Prevention of things like iloveyou and melissa as well as anti-spam were reasons why I wrote it. And the fun of doing it, of course :-) (Oh, and quite simply the fact that HTML mail sucks.)


    Source code is (IMNSHO) well commented and includes a changelog.


    The program is distributed under the LGPL and comes with no warranty at all. Use at your own risk. It works fine for me, but it might not for you.

    deHTML mail filter

    25 K