kdialog is a simple program that creates a dialog box with features specified by its command line parameters and returns the user's input on STDOUT. I have added a password dialog to version 0.2 (formerly available at apps.kde.com), so this is 0.2.1.

Some time later, kdialog was integrated ito KDE 3.1 and above, so these versions here are more or less only of historical interest. Please note that there is a pretty nice tutorial, available both in german and in english versions (Shell Scripting with KDE dialogs / Shell Skripting mit KDE Dialogen).

kdialog is avaliable as tar.gz and as SuSE RPM fur SuSE Linux 7.0. A KDE 3.0-compatible version is available, thanks to Hasso Tepper who contributed a patch.


kdialog source code

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kdialog SuSE 7.0 RPM

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kdialog source, KDE 3.0 version

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kdialog SuSE 7.0 RPM, KDE 3.0 version

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