This is a list of Free and Open Source software and documentation I have written. Most programs are available under GNU licenses and can be downloaded on their respective pages here.


Things are in no particular order, as you shall soon discover.

kdialog is a small program for KDE 2 or KDE3 that permits interaction between programs without a GUI (e.g. shell scripts) and a KDE user. I am not the author, but I have added a feature that is required by another program I wrote, and I could not reach the original creator of kdialog. kdialog has been integrated into kde 3.1.
snsg is a perl-based generator for snow signatures. It implements an idea that was born by Peter Gerwinski in the aftermath of September 11, 2001. is a filter (e.g. for KMail) that deals with text and html parts in multipart and singlepart messages.
winestart is a program useful for collecting information on programs that run under WINE while they are being executed. It serves the purpose of writing logging information to disk (and to stdout at the same time, if wanted) in order to reproduce errors that appear at runtime.
pgp-mime-handler is a general converter for RFC-2015 style mails that converts those to a format understood by "normal" mail programs. It requires kdialog or something similar.
Linux on the MD 9630
This document describes my Linux experiences on the Medion/microstar MD 9630 laptop.
wapget is a program that fetches an URL via WAP and a specified gateway in connectionless mode. It requires libwsp.
libWSP is the user-level extension of the WAPLinux stack. It is a C++ implementation of the Wireless Session Protocol in connection-oriented and connectionless mode. It provides wireless session management and binary HTTP encoding/decoding through a set of relatively easy to use APIs. It currently supports connectionless service quite well. libwsp was writtten by Olivier Bonenfant of (a now dead startup), not me, but Olivier is obviously unreachable and the code almost unfindable and close to getting completely lost. So I publish it here, although I have only made minor changes to it.