What is it

libWSP is the user-level extension of the WAPLinux stack. It is a C++ implementation of the Wireless Session Protocol in connection-oriented and connectionless mode. It provides wireless session management and binary HTTP encoding/decoding through a set of relatively easy to use APIs. Even though it is still under developement, it already provides stable basic connectionless service.




It supports connectionless service quite well and does so without the need for other applications or a kernel patch.

libwsp is a library originally written by a startup called, in particular a guy named Olivier Bonenfant. They were writing a WAP stack and library plus some applications for the linux OS (all in a project called "waplinux"), but the company has vanished, and so has Olivier, and most of the code. I have taken out the last remains of it from and made some changes to it to get it compile with recent gcc versions, plus I added a version number (0.1.0).

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